November 18, 2011

Welcome My New Best Circle Weaving Friend: The Cheat Plate

Last year my student teacher decided to create a "cheat plate" for some of my students struggling with marking their circle looms.  I have always made my students mark, cut, and warp their own looms.  I feel that gives a better understand of the total weaving package!!  It isn't ways fun & games...sometimes it is frustrating....sometimes it is more math & science than art.  However, with only seeing my students one day a week...and the holidays eating into my schedule a little...I needed a time saver.  The "Cheat Plate" was exactly what I needed to speed up the process a bit so we could actually get to weaving.  It still is in their hands to do...but saves a lot of time and frustration on their part.  I made enough to have one at each table.

If you aren't a "circle weaver"...the reason you might need a cheat plate is to evenly space your marks around the circle.  If the marks are not even...the weaving will take place off center...which means a smaller weaving for the student.  The wedges are cut out around the "Cheat Plate" so that students can take a marker and draw from the center of the wedge out.  

This creates a near perfect balance of lines around the circle...there are always little mistakes here and there, but over all...this worked like a DREAM!

They are doing a great job so far...and should be done weaving next class time..and will be able to start decorating the plate.

If you are new to my blog...and have not seen me do this lesson in the are the links.  I give a lot more info on how to do the warp...and other info you might think useful on weaving.  The circle weaving is toward the bottom of the weaving you'll need to scroll down for this weaving project.
 Check it out!


  1. Thanks for the review link. I really like how you store your yarn and keep it from tangling. I need to find a space to store mine!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this project every time you do it! It is very similar to the Hula Hoop weaving I did last spring.

  3. Thanks so much for your advice - I will definitely start scheduling post - especially as I still have a backlog to clear!