November 11, 2011

Art Night for the Teachers: Winter Wreath

You will need a wire circle form to create your wreath. could use a coat hanger, but I just didn't have time to unbend/rebend all of those hangers for each of my teachers that were participating.  Plus, the size was a bit bigger than our time frame would allow for creating the wreath.  I picked up the wire from Wal-Mart for about $4..and had a ton left over!  

Once again..because of time....I precut all the fabric(though some teachers brought there own to add into the mix).  This took a large chunk of my time....but ya do what ya gotta do! ha ha  I purchased everything on sale...and Wal-Mart had tulle for 97cents a yard.   I had blue, white, and several types of tulle(some sparkly!!).  The teacher were encouraged to mix and match the different colors & textures.  

You knot the fabric around the wreath.  One knot will do.  The fabric needs to be twisted here and there a bit as you place it on the wire so that the fabric is FLUFFY!  Packing it tight helps make it extra fluffy!!

You can get the do-dads of your choosing to your wreath.  I found wonderful small shatterproof balls, snowflakes, and jingle bells all 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  I encouraged the teachers to bring in their own though to make it more personal.
This was my example for the group.  This was done on a regular hanger I bent to a circle..a bit larger than I'd and learn!  

This was created by a teacher friend ( and close personal friend) for her daughter.  Though honestly...she is pink & sparkly too!!! ha ha  

(I forgot to take pictures that I'm going to add more pictures to this post as I can collect them!!!)


  1. I have been wanting to do a night with the teachers! this is a great idea:-)

  2. These are great! I can't wait to do them with my class! thanks for the tip about the wire.

  3. My teachers want to make a wreath now too! Do you remember the approximate diameter of the circle of wire? How long are the pieces you tied? How much do you think it took to do a wreath?
    Sorry for all the questions, just want to have ours turn out as nice as yours. Thanks

  4. Teacher Art Night is a great idea - is this the first one you've organised? If not I'd like to hear what else you've done.

  5. to follow up anne's question...
    is this part of a series of teacher worksops that you have done? i think ive seen you post about it at least one other time.
    how many participants do you get?

  6. Ok..couple questions to answer.

    *The wire I cut was about foot & a half long(give or take). Really doesn't matter...the longer the wire...the more material they'll need to tie on!!!

    *Our school does this thing called WIN WIN WEDNESDAY(not sure why it is called that). Different teachers lead it.....but usually has a make & take element(always was classroom related in past). Well..with spirits being down because of all the stress around evaluation & new lesson plan format...doing a fun arts night was NEEDED! They loved it so much...I've now done 3!!! Two painting ones...and then the wreath. I have one planned for January that is valentine themed(toward the end of January)..but not sure about the rest of the year. It has been a blessing..the teachers have loved it. Have averaged about 15 teachers at each.

  7. How long do you cut the strips of fabric? This is a GREAT idea for gifts for the holidays! So happy I found your blog today. Will follow you on bloglovin!

  8. Shannon, I make the strips a bit longer than they need to be...cause I have big ol' man hands that has trouble tying little things!! :) So..the strips were about 5 inches or so. The netting stuff it was easier to tie. After you fill the wire up...then you use a good pair of scissors..and shape it..cutting off extra hangie off stuff!

  9. Thanks so much! My girls (9 & 7) started line designs last night. We love your blog. So glad to find it!