November 19, 2011

MonoPrint Fish: 2nd Grade

So here is what you need to do this project (though there are many ways to do a monoprint..this is just the way I did it this time around!) : waterbottle, water soluble oil pastels (Portfolio Series are AMAZING), brayer, and some 80 or 90 lb paper.  
This project lends itself to any theme just don't want to do anything with really fine details because of the thickness of the oil pastels(and the bleeding/smudging that happens during printing).  


  1. Hi Ted,

    I haven't done monoprinting with my classes as I'm into styro plate printing(I like the sharp detail you can get on it with an ink pen)Yours look cool but I was under the impression that monoprints were done with paint or ink on a glass or metal surface, drawn into with whatever you like and then a print is pulled. Is yours a variation that you thought up or did you find the idea from another art teacher?

  2. love those oil pastels! never thought of using them as a monoprint medium... neato!

  3. Just read Pat's comment - I think the simple answer is this: mono means one - so any process that gives you only ONE print is a monoprint!!

    Meanwhile, I've been looking at my Blogger stats, and I have discovered that my #1 traffic source of all time is none other than... ART WITH MR.E!!!!

  4. Thanks for answering for me Phyl..I was going to get around to it one of these days?!?! :) ha ha Hey Pat...what she said!

    @Phyl...glad I can send people your way!!! Mine is Pinterest!!! It is crazy...Pinterest has almost tripled my readership! After that...Google.

  5. I'm looking at doing this lesson with my summer camp kids. Do you moisten the original drawing from the back/front and then use the brayer to rub onto the new sheet? Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something.

    Thanks for so many amazing ideas!! Your blog has helped me SO much in my first year of teaching!

  6. Beth..I've tried it different ways. All works pretty much the same. You can spray the paper you are laying on top...or spray the side you put the oil pastels on!