November 03, 2011

Fall Tree Painting: Kindergarten

This project involved a lot of prep work & a lot of me running around like a crazy man, but the results were great...and the kids loved it.  We talked about watercolor paint & its qualities.  After a demo..students went back to their seats and did a watercolor wash background.  Then we discussed tempera paint & its qualities.  I demo'ed the tree trunk & branches...then sent the students back to create.  I passed paint & new(cheapy brushes).  I've found that the black is the devil to get out of my multipurpose brushes I usually love to use for everything.  While they were working I picked up the watercolor supplies.  I then brought them up for a third demo on how to pounce their brush...and use yellow & red to make orange.  The results are beautiful!


  1. These are great! I love the combination of watercolor background, black trees, and autumn leaves.

  2. The kindergarten trees are beautiful! How long is your art period? I am a first year art teacher in Indiana, and I recently discovered your blog and love it. Finishing a painting in one period is challenging for me because I am only part-time, but my school board recently voted to make me full-time starting in January. I am really excited about having more time to work with my students!
    ~Jessica from Carroll Elementary
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  3. Jessica...I have my kids one hour a week. There are an average of 26 Kindergarten/special needs students in my room each it can be crazy. Lots of prep goin' on to make this happen in one class. :) but we did it!!! ha ha