November 03, 2011

Even More Circular Design Paintings: 2nd Grade

I really hope ya'll are not getting tired of these...because there may be one or two more posts as the rest of my classes finish their work.  This group I felt has done the best so far.  I placed them outside my room as soon as they were dry, and the response from the students & faculty has been amazing! 


  1. I have really loved the artwork from this project! Would you mind giving a bit more info as to your directions and steps for your students? Each one of these just wonderful and frame-worthy !

  2. I am liking these too - it would be easy to connect artist Paul Klee here - he has several abstract black line paintings that are inspiring for any grade level.

  3. Hey Mr. E, I know you liked these owls in the past and were thinking of trying them. I just put up pics of steps One and Two on my blog.

  4. Ted,

    I LOVE these! Please post some directions that you gave to the kids,please? Thanks!