November 14, 2011

The Gift of a Bulletin Board

So I posted about my friend Mrs. Forney returning the world of art teaching...and I want to thank everyone that went and posted a note to encourage her in her teaching & blogging!!  You all are the best!!!  I had told her some time ago that as a welcome back present that I'd create a bulletin board for her.  Ya know how those things go of intentions, but!?!...and time seems to get away from you.  So after a well placed jab on Facebook...I FINALLY created some bulletin boards for her!  Sometimes I think I'd love a side job of doing boards in a bag...think I could make some money?? ha ha  
ps..I hope you like them Melissa!!!


  1. Yea - I feel so honored to have my own blog spot. He,he! Thanks again for doing the bulletin boards for me. I can't wait to see them.

  2. Have you seen the site - Teachers Pay Teachers?? You should check it out.. perhaps make some cash $$

  3. Although I LOVE creative bulletin boards, I completely understand how time consuming they can be- especially since they aren't up for long and soon need to be replaced! Every now and then, I'd love a bulletin board in a bag!