November 23, 2011

Have You Heard of This?

The Miami Beach Art Basel

I've never heard of it before...but it sounds AWESOME! 
Wish I could go.


  1. wow being so busy with school I almost missed it. I live in S Fl so I will make it a point to go they set the whole beach up with all types of artwork and also have a big gallery showing at the convention center! That's for the reminder. Happy thanksgiving your blog is awesome!

  2. Never heard of it - but it does sound awesome. With snow on the ground here, FLORIDA sounds pretty awesome right now. Though I expect most of it will melt in tomorrow's above-freezing temperatures. *HOPE* (Not ready for winter)

  3. It is INSANE! I grew up and went to college in south Florida and Art Basel is always a winter highlight. It is impossible to see everything, but so much great art all in one place. Definitely never seen anything like this in Tennessee...