April 19, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmm????

My principal comes up to me at the end of the day and says..."Ted, I need to talk to you tomorrow about something."  My mind goes down 100 roads at once:
  • Are our numbers dropping & I'm going to have to split schools? 
  • Are our numbers growing & she wants my thoughts on a part time art teacher? 
  • Is she wanting to move someone into my AMAZING WONDERFUL ART ROOM..and send me to a regular size class room without storage or a kiln? 
  • Is she going to ask me to head a commity that will take me away from my focus of art & my family?
  • Is she going to ask me not to take any student teachers/practicum students for awhile because it doesn't allow me to do the "extra's" they've asked of the other special area teachers?
  • etc...etc....etc...
My list could go on and on.  My mind works wacky like this.  I told her she had to tell me a bit more or I'd worry all night long(its what I do).  So she says.."It has to do with next year."  UMMMMM...that doesn't help much?!?!?!!?  Right after morning announcements...I'm going to be in her office so I can find out what's going on!!!!!!!!  So..stay tuned my bloggie friends...so you too can find out THE REST OF THE STORY!


  1. This is going to drive ME crazy too! if it's any consolation. . . whenever the news is not so good our adminstration won't tell you in person they'll usually send a letter or something far removed. So it's probably GOOD news.

  2. Oh, I hope that you can manage not to worry. If someone needs to talk to you about something tomorrow, then don't tell you about it until tomorrow!

  3. Oh, I'd be going nuts! You worry about the worst and it's something wonderful, or you expect to receive an award or something terrific and they're throwing you to the wolves. I'll be looking tomorrow to see what happened!