April 25, 2011

Fun Projects I Found At The Mayor's Art Show

One of the great things about participating in & attending the Mayor's Art Show is stealing...I mean learning from....other amazing art lessons(kind of like our blog world, but in person!).  These were lessons that caught my eye as I walked through the the show.  THESE ARE NOT PIECES CREATED BY MY STUDENTS. 

This is a tissue paper & construction paper collage.  It looks like a great way to have the student experience a Matisse "ish" work.  This work was created on a 12 in. x18 in. piece of paper.

 This mosaic piece was created with "fun foam".  I have a lot of fun foam, but don't really use it much.  I love this idea, and might give it a try. I believe they used a tacky glue(I don't think Elmer's glue would work).

This is a black glue line tempera painting.  I know that it is anything way out of the ordinary, but for some reason...it really caught my eye.  Love the colors(and it did look a bit more dramatic in person..some shading and such)

I'm totally in love with this piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a glue line on black construction paper with oil pastel.  I don't usually have great success with the oil pastels and glue lines...I've had better luck with chalk pastels and glue line.  Though..I've done this with younger students, and this was done by a 4th grader.  Anyways...LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!

This was kind of an Eric Carle type project, but it was fetching in person! 

This is a hodge podge of tissue paper, tempera paint, oil pastel!  I LOVE IT!  It makes me think of Chagall, Spanish art, Mexican art...a little bit of this and that. 

Though this might look like M&M's & Skittles..its dry beans.  I'm not sure how they colored the beens, but they are beautiful! Very sold color & shiney!!!  I think this was 1st?


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful works! I love the Spanish type building collage as well!

  2. I have comments for all of them I think...though the glue line ones may be my favorite because they remind be of wax resist on silk painting...just another direction to take it. I did a city scape like the one there when I was student teaching but we used tissue paper and liquid starch, kids and I loved it...cooperating teacher HATED it!

  3. I know how they did the beans- and you'll cringe when I tell you! She divided the students into color teams, had them use their hands and coat a tray of beans in one color. When dry, they shared the colors and created their masterpieces. She said it was super messy, a lotta fun, and you know, that's my kind of art project. I'm trying it next year, but am wondering if they could shake gallon bags with the paint and beans instead?