April 07, 2011

Out of This World Art - TGE Annual Art Show 2011

This is my 10th year at TGE...and 10th year for having the all school art show, but this is the 1st year they have ever put it on the reader board!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was excited!

So I walked around the driveway this morning during arrival & this afternoon during dismissal advertising the art show.  The parents & kids seemed to enjoy my silliness!
The pictures that follow are not the greatest...I did not realize till I uploaded the photos.  I also did not take pictures of the WHOLE art show.  We have 25 classes, so this is just about half of the work that is in the show.  All that being said, I hope you enjoy a glimps of the TGE Art Show!!

Fun family pic...next year this time we'll have a 3 yr old & a 9 month old!!!


  1. congratulations! that's a lot of work. it's so cool to see everyone's best pieces up on display together - i am in the midst of prepping, myself. well done!

  2. I have to say you do have a way of promoting your Art Show.

    Your costume looks great. I am sure your students appreciate all your hard work.

    Good luck with your Art Show

  3. FABULOUS! I love the theme - my fellow art teachers and I just decided to do a theme for our show next year too, for extra pizazz. Well done, your kids (and you!) did an awesome job. Love the promotion before school too, hee hee!

  4. I would love to know the wording for the email you send out about asking other co-workers to bring in cookies! I think I may try that this year. Great idea!

  5. Great! This is my first year as art teacher. I will be setting up the show in a few weeks. Any tips/advice/shortcuts to make things easier (I'm also the school librarian)? Do you let students "choose" their work to display or choose projects per grade that were most successful? Your site is enjoyable and very inspiring!