April 29, 2011

Amazing Birthday Present!

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you may know about my love of turtles!  It started as a child, and has become a running theme in my classroom(the kids always get me turtle things for Christmas or draw turtle pictures at home for me!).  My birthday was yesterday(37..ugh?!?!), and my wife insisted on making the day special for me..even though I was ok with not really celebrating.  One of the amazing birthday presents I received was this little turtle.  He's super cute....but that isn't what's so amazing!

 He's a 4GB flash drive!  My school computer has died 3 times this year...and I did not have my files backed up(LEARN FROM MY STUPIDITY!!!!). So my wife thought this would be a way to get me to back up my files..throw a turtle into the mix!! ha ha  To top it off..she got the tech from our schools to write me a note telling me to back up my files that she placed with the gift.  I'll for sure back up my files now....maybe tomorrow? 

1 comment:

  1. 1974 must have been a good year to be born- you're in great company! I turned 37 back in March. Hope you had a really great birthday. You know they have transformer flash drives too, in case you are ever looking to expand beyond turtles.