April 23, 2011

Mayor's Art Show 2011

The Mayor's Art Show is an annual event in Nashville!  They break our system up into two shows(because we're just too large of a district to have everyone  at once).  We are allowed to select two works per grade level.  So that means I can only pick 10 pieces of art to represent our school(not easy to do!!!) I personally like to have a variety of work & styles to send to the show.  I feel this year was amazingly diverse, and I'm very proud of my students.  The show is hung at The Frist Center for the Visual Arts.  At opening night, Mayor Dean walks around to see the work & take pictures with the students, and then addresses the students, parents, and teachers.  I must say, this year I was very encouraged by the Mayor Dean & the others that addressed the crowd.  In these times of cutbacks & focusing on test scores...I felt like they understood the value of what we do & will work to protect us & our programs. 

(didn't realize till I was working on the lables that the girls are identical twins?!?!)

4th Grade

1st Grade

3rd Grade

2nd Grade

The work on display at The Frist!

Annaliese(2nd Grade) beside her amazing robot! 
Her mom  works at my school & gave me permission to place
her photo on my blog.

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  1. Versatile blog award for you Mr. E., because I liked the discussion on the no-no-board so much!Since I'm not a real art teacher, I did'nt feel comfortable to participate in the discussion - but I really liked reading it!
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