April 20, 2011

...nothing to worry about...

So I was able to speak to my principal this morning, and it was nothing
to worry about.  She wanted to let me know that our school was offered a part
time position for next year because our numbers are going up...but she turned
it down.  We have 2 Music & 2 P.E. Teachers...so the part time person
would have probably been art.  However, we'd have no say in who the person was
& it would really create a crazy schedule for us.  A few years ago we had a part time art teacher

that we had no say in....it was a rough year!!!
 Plus, we have 25 classes, which fits perfectly into our schedule right now!
She just wanted to let me know what was going on, which I appreciate!
I should really learn not to worry so much?!?! :) ha ha


  1. Okay phew that was the sound of me sighing relief!!! But I would take any help I could get!!! Why on earth would she turn down more teachers I can't make heads nor tales of that! I feel there is more to this story... On your principals side of things. Just my gut reaction.

  2. Hmmm...my system just laid off our one day a week art teacher and now I just found out that I am picking up 10 more classes a week-YIKES! Two new principals and new suerintendent-so my champions are no longer here.
    In order to do this I have no "passing time" between classes, which are by the way all different grade levels, and get kids from they moment they are off the bus to after they call for buses. I am sad, frustrated and a bit demoralized...Over the years I have had some pretty bad schedules, but for the past few it has been mangageable with good plan time, same grade levels blocked in a row and five minutes passing time between for clean up. It is always disheartening when you feel the progress you have made is just gone:(