April 20, 2011

Tints & Color Mixing with Kindergarten

Kindergarten did the Georgia O'Keeffe lesson I've shared on here in years past.  They start with a dot in the center of the page, and draw six wavey lines coming from the dot.  They then pick a plate of paint that I've already pre-dispensed(I try to have a variety of color combos).  Everyone gets white to create tints.  I showed them how to mix their colors on the paper, and to paint from the center point out to create a "flow".  At the end of class we discussed what tints & shades were, they were given a color & had to tell me what two colors made it, and then just other random color knowledge. 


  1. What a great idea for a Georgia O'Keefe flower!

  2. What is the time frame for this lesson?

    1. My classes run 60 min, but I start with a story. The next class time I had them use Oil pastels to add a little detail..but that was only 10 min.