August 30, 2021

Projects This Rotation: K-4

In some previous posts I titled it Projects This Week/Lessons This Week, but that wasn't exactly right.  Our special area schedule is on a 4 day rotation. There are only 4 related arts teachers utilized in our schedule (library & guidance is not in our rotation). So 4 of our 5 grade levels are split 1 1/4 classes.  So every 4 days I have to have new lessons.  Anyways...if anyone is a regular reader, I didn't want you to be confused by my posts. 

Working on "I CAN USE SHAPES TO MAKE ALL KINDS OF THINGS"!!  We read another Pout Pout fish book to get us started (the kids love them!!), and then I showed them how to draw a variety of sea creatures using basic shapes. They are allowed to create their underwater world however they want.  After giving them drawing time...I showed them proper marker use!  

Last rotation we went over LANDSCAPES, and talked about foreground, middle ground, and background.  This rotation we're looking at cityscapes, and creating some colorful pictures using marker.  They could make a futuristic city, old crumbling city, or however they wanted as long as they had a foreground, middle ground, and background. I reviewed proper marker use with this group as well.  

We are continuing on with our collage landscapes.  Last rotation we focused on full covered of the sky & ground.  This week we are adding in our details. They could add animals, make it a farm scene, add a cabin, have people camping....however they wanted.  We also talked about how size & overlapping help show depth in a landscape.  

Last rotation we worked on basic watercolor techniques & vocabulary.  This week we looked at variety of fish, watched a video of fish swimming (I wanted them to know how a fish works, because though you might think you never hurts to see them doing their thing, & students created our own (or imaginary fish if they wanted to go in a unique direction.  The students worked on layering color, wet on wet, and wet on dry.  We are going to spend another class time on them to finish them up!  

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