August 14, 2021

Squirrels in the Art Room?

 The last step for me to be back in the clay business (teaching "real" clay lessons) is for them to hook up the vent system in my new kiln room.  They showed up Friday morning....a little bit before my kindergarteners came to my room for the first time.  

And they drilled.

And they pounded.

And they drilled some more.

Now, I was trying to keep the goal in mind....we'll be able to do clay again!!!   It was a challenging hour.  You can imagine the attention span of my kindergarteners when all that racket was going on.  We made it through though.  At lunch, they told they would have to finish the job on Monday, because they had an emergency job that they had to deal with at another school.  I later went in to my kiln room to check out what they had accomplished.  There was a hole in the wall for the venting to go through.  WAIT A SECOND...THERE WAS A HOLE IN MY WALL!!!!  Ummm...a hole to the outside.  Now my room has courtyard type area outside of it that has trees and such.  The and such....a ton of squirrels.  These squirrels keep me from opening my window (no screen) because they look they want to get in & take over.  So...I knew I had to plug up that hole before they staged a coup!  I took two art shirts and shoved them in there the best I could.  I'm hoping when I go in Monday...that they did the trick!! ha ha  

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