August 05, 2021

Oh No!

I've been so excited about my new kiln room!  It delayed the cleaning of my room (and me getting back in my room to set it up), but it would totally be worth it. When I was finally allowed back in my room....I found this! There were actually 3 places on the brand new wall that were gauged (but I didn't get a picture of the third spot).  MY BRAND NEW WALL!!  I was so sad.  I loved my lovely green new wall.  When they moved my stuff back in my classroom after waxing...this happened. I did not get to fill it in yet, but I did cover over it with paint for the time being so it wasn't as noticeable.  

I'm still happy that we're closer to doing clay again!!!   Yes...I did say closer.  They still have not vented the kiln. soon as that happens, I'm in business!! Stay tuned.   


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