August 23, 2021

This Week In Art K-4

I love doing a fish unit with Kindergarten!!  It is a great way to review shapes and explore all the different media (crayons, markers, paint..etc).  I always read The Pout Pout Fish Books!! 

Landscapes with 1st!  Upping the expectation that students have a Foreground/Middle Ground/Background in the work.  In Kindergarten it was enough for their to be a Foreground/Background.  I use 3 lines to start the drawing & then let them build on it from there. 

Landscapes for 2nd Grade, but they did theirs in collage.  If you do attempt this...don't be surprised if it is a bit of a struggle.  I try to get my students to lay down the base (sky, hills, middle ground, foreground) before they add the details into their landscape.  With all the virtual and such that happened over the past 2 yrs....we will revisit this lesson later on to give them another chance at success!

3rd & 4th get some practice with watercolor.  A majority of my students did not have watercolor at home.  We are really starting a square one, and that is totally fine!!  I want to build my students up so they can have success in their future paintings.  They really did enjoy getting to paint...even if it was just an exercise! 

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