August 20, 2021

Lessons K-4 This Past Week

 I'm going to try to post my teacher examples for lessons I'm doing in my class with a quick case you need some inspiration!  I hope that is helpful.  Please feel free to message me with questions, but do not ask for the lesson plan.  We all do them differently, have different state standards, and focus on different aspects. 

Draw Your Fav. Animal
Using markers to color, but review the proper way to use markers at the same time!! 
(A lot of my students only had crayons virtually, so this is a great review/get back in the swing of things lesson!!!)

Animal Me!
If you were an animal, what animal would you be?  Give the animal human characteristics that will make it more like you (hair, bow, glasses, fav. sport, fav. place to be..etc)

I, Robot.
If you could have a robot do a job for you, what would it be?  Would you have it do the things you don't enjoy doing? (dishes, make your bed..etc)  Would you have it do things you like to do so you could do them together? Make sure the environment matches the activity!

Symbol Self Portrait
Pick a shape you like to make.  Now make it 10 times in a variety of sizes, and have them overlapping in places (a great review for composition and principles of design).  Inside each of the shapes you will make a symbol that represents something about you.  It could be a talent, something you like, or something that is important to you.  Group like things in one shape (if you like sweets...don't make 8 of the 10 something to do with sweet stuff?!?!).  Use markers to color! 

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