October 24, 2018

Town Planners: 1st Grade

I'm so excited with the work I've been seeing from my 1st graders on this project!!!  Let me give you some background.....

The week before this project we did a collaborative project where students created a "village"(refer back to...   http://www.artwithmre.com/2018/10/collaborative-community-1st-grade.html  ).  They broke up into small groups and discussed what they felt where important parts of a town.  They each were responsible for creating a house, a business/place of worship/school..etc. ...and with any left over paper they could make trees/clouds/shrubs/cars. They cut them out, and then the students helped plan where the different elements would go.  The kids loved it...and they turned out great.

For this project...I had the students create a drawing of their own town.  I did show them how to create the road so they could show more buildings & over lap parts of the picture to create a more realistic layout.  They were encouraged to create a town with the buildings that would be most important to them.  Some ended up with toy stores, candy shops, and ice cream parlors...and not much else, but they were still fun...and they kids were able to make them personal. This was done as a drawing only....no coloring.  Sometimes details get lost in the coloring, and I really wanted to preserve those details!!

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