October 22, 2018

Fall Trees: Kindergarten

My Kindergartners are growing so quickly! 
   I was worried about the start of the school year when I heard that the classes were all going to be around 26 or 27 students.  We were use to smaller numbers in years past.  Though they've turned out to be a WONDERFUL group...I still am careful when planning my lessons. 
You have to consider class size + materials + ability + storage!

I start every Kindergarten lesson with a book....and have a ton of fall inspired stories!! 

The students were given light blue construction paper.  They were first asked to draw three  rectangles evenly spaced(I showed them to have a hand space between each tree.) that touched the bottom & went up toward the middle of the page.  This might seem like a bit much to ask of Kindergartners, but they can do it with a demo prior to starting.  
From the top of the rectangle to the top of the page, students are asked to create thin rectangles that go up diagonally.  Yes...I use the words diagonal, horizontal, and vertical starting the first day of class!  If you use it...so will they!  After students completed their drawing they were instructed to obtain a crayon box for their table....and use a brown or grey crayon to color their trees.  Last, I gave each table a trey with red & yellow tempera.  They used Q-Tips to apply the paint.  We also talked about what red & yellow make....and discussed warm colors.  

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  1. These are great :) I just did the same lesson with my kinders...I'm wondering however, what are your great Fall inspired books? I've yet to find any that I love. I too love to start my lessons with a book. I appreciate how much you share!