October 16, 2018

Building Bridges. Eating Pringles.

I have seen many people post on different art teacher groups that they feel disconnected from their faculty....that they don't seem to receive the same respect as classroom teachers...or that it seems there is a lack of understanding of what we do as art educators by the faculty/staff of the school.  Though I feel we should show a respect for all educators/staff  within a building and the role they play in children's lives.....some may not come from that same perspective.  We could complain about the situation & how it should be different....or we can build the bridge to help make the difference.  I'm a big believer in being pro-active in such matters.  Art educators are advocates....in every way!!!!  Though you cannot change everyone's opinions....you may be able to make connections with some! 

Here is a fun way I brought teachers together at my school recently
....didn't take a lot of time, money, or commitment. 

What is this you ask?  
Have you seen the Pringles commercial where they mix the flavors?

Then we talked about what flavor combinations we enjoyed...and which ones we didn't.
So simple.  Food brings people together.  Did this time magically solve everything? No.  However, it did get them into my room.  It did get them to let down their guards.  It did give us the opportunity to laugh together.  Those things go a long way in building needed bridges. Art nights for teachers are another way I've helped to do this as well!!  I will say...there are so situations that are extremely dysfunctional.  No amount of Pringles will help.  You need to be aware of what type of situation you are in.  Try making opportunities to build relationships first before you throw in the towel. 

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