October 01, 2018

Fall Festival Collaborative Project

For several years now I've used the fall festival to create a collaborative art piece involving students, parents, family members, teachers, and administration. Some years they are HUGE!!(Kandinsky Fence Project, Art Cubes..etc).  This year I went small.  We did the craft stick mural using the regular size craft sticks.  Normally I would suggest using the next size up because you can accomplish greater detail in your designs, but it was something I had on hand & wouldn't cost any extra money.   Sometimes...money does impact our choices as art educators.  No matter...they turned out great!! I had moms, dads, grandparents, neighbors all setting down with their kids & creating together.   Plus...I feel the results were amazing!! 

I prepped for the event by taping 12x18 paper down at each seat to protect my tables from young artists that might not have as great control.  I placed warm color or cool colors at the tables....wanting to separate them out so I could do a pattern when assembling the pieces. (For the most part this worked out...but I had PARENTS going to other tables to get the other colors!! ha ha)  

I opted to do a chevron pattern.  This is not as easy to do when their are irregularities with the craft sticks.  So there are some spacing differences.  I placed glitter glue in between the spaces.  I attached it to foam core board I got at dollar tree.  You have to be careful though...because sometimes the boards are really bent. I finished it off by brushing it with a satin finish acrylic glaze(just for added protection!)

On the back I hot glued string and then duct taped it down to make sure it would not come loose.  It is hanging in the office where there is less traffic of little hands to touch it.  So hopefully it will stay up for awhile!!

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