October 05, 2018


When we rewrote the Scope & Sequence for the Elementary Visual Art Educators....we wanted to embrace our new state standards we were implementing(I was on both teams.).  One component that was lacking from our last Scope & Sequence was collaborative projects.  Now most teachers will do one or two collaborative "type" lessons during the year.  We really wanted to up our game though, and give our students an opportunity to work with one another in a real & meaningful way....in the spirit of true art making.  

There is a lot left to interpretation in the Scope & Sequence because we want teachers to embrace their strengths and do what is most meaningful for their group of students.   

Here is what I'm doing with my 3rd & 4th Graders.  
I'll keep you posted as we move forward with this project!

  • I selected the groups.  Some may want their students to choose, but my students don't always make the wisest choices....and with attempting this project...I wanted to avoid possible issues.
  • Students share theme ideas & try to make connections between their various themes.  They had to select one theme that they all had to be able to agree upon. (This was easier for some classes than others!)
  • Students had to agree upon a medium. (Once again...this was easier for some classes than others!!)
  • Each individual artist had to write 3 to 6 sentences sharing how they were going to use the theme in their work.
  • Individual artists had to create 2 to 4 sketches of possible ideas for their project.  
I walked around the room and meet with the groups as they were planning.  We discussed their themes & I mediated for several groups that just could not agree.  Most of the time it was a very simple "fix" for them to all agree!  They just couldn't see past their own ideas to connect with their group.  

I'm very excited to see where this lesson takes us!! 

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