September 22, 2017

Teacher/Staff Painting Night

The past few years I've been hosting/organizing painting nights at my school.  It is an amazing time of fun, fellowship, and creativity.  I have many teacher call it their "therapy".  Though it does take some time, organization, and planning...the pay off is totally worth it!  

Past painting nights I've asked teachers for $2 to cover the cost of canvases.  I always buy from Michael's when they have their awesome 5pk/10pk sales, and they figure out to $2 or less!  This time principal found some funds to cover the canvas costs.  I provided a variety of sizes for teachers to select from...but that's not always the case.  Ya get what ya get and ya don't throw a fit! ha ha

I provide the acrylic paint.  Most of my acrylic paint I've received through donations, or I've purchased using extra funds from the $2 a teacher thing.  I always organize by color so teachers don't have to hunt.  Time is limited, and I want them to be able to select their own colors!!  

I do cut out a variety of tracers for the teachers if they are "afraid"...but I don't pre-do their canvases. I'm there to encourage, help out, and challenge....not do their work for them.  That is what separates our paint nights from one of those Sips & Strokes(oh..and...the sips have to be school appropriate! ha ha).  I pull up images on the projector to help give them ideas, but it is up to them to create them!!

TREATS!!!!  What is a fun time together without some food! My wife made these yummies for our teachers & purchased the fun napkins!! She's the best!

So I set up each table for a teacher...with paper towel, water cup, and brushes.  I thought this would be teachers could spread out and have their own space. teachers came in...they started setting together. I guess they like each other?!?! ha ha  I usually have about 15 to 20 teachers stay after(they sign up prior to the event so you know how to plan!!)

(some aren't finished yet)



  1. What time do you start after school?
    What do you say to those who do not finish in the allotted time?

  2. How do they choose their subject? Do you have samples? Pics?