September 05, 2017


Markers are probably my least favorite art supply.  Markers dry out, kids color with them anyways, they smudge and smear....I just don't care for them!  BUT KIDS LOVE THEM!!!!!!!  
So I keep them around to appease the masses. I have blue lid boxes for markers.  Each table get a box filled to the point of exploding!  We have to go over with EVER class about markers making a click sound to insure they are closed....not to color marker over marker...and...if it seems to be dry...LET MR. E KNOW!!!

 I separate my markers out based on it is easier to replace bad markers & see what you have left in your reserves!  Simple clear plastic shoe boxes do the trick!! Most of the boxes have two colors in them....except one! 

Do you have this problem...WAY TOO MANY PURPLES?!?!  Where do they all come from? Why do I have so many?? Do kids not like using they don't get used up?  Do purple markers last longer than other colors?? WHAT'S THE DEAL?!?!?! 

What is your least favorite supply??


  1. Oh,Mr.E! You should let kids color over other colors. I do a fall leaf project that the students are encouraged to blend. The fall colors are glorious when they mix warm with warm.

    1. Sometimes I teach the older kids to place some colors over other orange can go on top of yellow...brown can go ontop of red..etc. But the younger kiddos muddy the marker colors up and others get frustrated because the color isn't what they wanted. It isn't worth it to me!

  2. Hate markers....they don't last and like you said the kids continue to color and then give me the look when I make them color over it all again. I also dislike tempers caked unless you put a gloss on top of them!

  3. I agree, markers are my least favorite as well. Most of the time, I don't even purchase them. They just dry out too fast, and aren't worth the money. I much prefer crayons, pastels, or colored pencils. I also dislike glue sticks. They seem to run out quickly, kid's loose the lids, and it really doesn't stick very well, and don't get me started on the purple glue sticks. Regular Elmer's glue bottles are so much better!

  4. Don't even get me started on glue sticks!?!?!? The only ones I like are the ROSS....because they smell like Fruit Loops! ha ha ha

  5. Crayola markers last about 2-3 yrs if kept in an open can on their tables with lids down and snapped on. Dead markers for me go into a box outside of my door, are counted into bags of 100 and sent to crayola to be burned as fuel. They are also totally useable as watercolor makers. Take out the colored sponge inside, place 6 of the same color into a bucket of water... wait two days.. you have liquid watercolor. FUN! Also, watercolor marker an entire art work, do glue lines over the main outlines, let dry a week, then spritz with water next art time for great paint look! Perfect for first graders using up all the old markers.

  6. I have used diffusing paper with markers. You can get it in sheets or shapes (dragonflies, leaves, flowers...) the kids color and then get to spritz the paper with water in spray bottles. They love to watch the colors flow and blend. When their work is dry they float mount it on colorful construction paper. We talk about choosing complimentary colors to make their painting pop.