September 19, 2017

A Unit On City Scapes: 1st Grade

For the past 4 weeks we've been exploring city scapes in 1st grade! I know some of you might think that sounds kind of boring for the kids, but trust me...they've loved it!  
WEEK  ONE: STANDARD/BASIC CITY SCAPE - At this point I'm still trying to get the 1st graders to understand that there are "layers" to a picture(foreground, middle ground, and background).

WEEK TWO:  PATTERN BUILDINGS- I have students draw three buildings that go from one side to the spaces.  They then create unique patterns on each building.  We use marker to color.  They are very bold/bright...and kids love markers.

WEEK THREE:  CREATURES ATTACKING THE CITY!!! -  The kids LOVE THIS!  We look at classic movie posters of King Kong & Godzilla for inspiration.  They then create a city scape that is being attacked by their original creature.  We talk about mode of destruction, people's reactions, and the details to make it look like the city is under attack.  

WEEK FOUR:  SKYLINES AT SUNSET- This lesson a lot of us do, but the kids really enjoy it...and I feel it allows students to works on some skill building.  Here are some of my students' examples. I think they are awesome...and even more awesome when you think these are 1st graders!!!

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