September 13, 2017

Only Human...

Anyone else get the 80's song in their head!!
(some of you young ones...probably not!)

KID: "Mr. E, what is PROGESS??
ME: "What? What are you talking about?"
KID: "I think your turtle board is suppose to say PROGRESS, but you put up PROGESS."
ME:  "Why are you looking around my room anyways, trouble maker...don't you have work to do??"
KID: SHAKES HIS HEAD AT ME..."You're a mess Mr. E!"
(I love this kid...has been with me since Kindergarten!! Obviously more observant than me! ha ha)  

Yes, Mr. E is only human & makes mistakes! 
  Please note...we are 
In my hurry to create my bulletin boards & have my classroom ready for the new school year... I guess this just slipped by me?!?!  I do find it super funny & amazing that it took 5 weeks for anyone to notice...and it wasn't me(who practically lives in my classroom!!).  

Have you made any goofs like this??
Share in the comments!!  

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  1. I ant nevr spelt aneethang wong. HEHE! Seriously,I know the feeling. Yep--believe it or not, I have misspelled words a few times. I'm cursed with noticing mistakes pretty quickly but I'm not perfect. My PPT slides will be missing a few letters here and there. And kids usually catch them!