September 15, 2017

So this happened....

Me & Mrs. E all dressed up!
We don't have many date nights 
with three young kids!! ha ha

I found out last month that I was named the Middle Tennessee Art Teacher of the Year by TAEA.  It means a great deal to me to receive such awards...because they are decided by fellow art teachers who know our job & what we do day in  & day out!!

Then I found out that our district wanted to recognize the fact that I had received this award at a school board meeting.  Now..I'm not one for such fuss(I hate getting dressed up!) would have been fine if they would have just mentioned it in passing at the meeting. However, my visual art director & my wife wanted me to I did.  It was nice to represent art in our district...and put a spotlight on the fact that great things are happening in Nashville!!
My friend Tina(beside me) was named TN Art Teacher of the Year!!
Allison Ross(in front) is our new visual art coordinator...and a great friend!