September 27, 2017

Neglected Talent...

I dare say most of us neglect our inner artist.  We are so busy creating lesson plans, teaching children, other professional responsibilities, family..etc.  It is extremely easy to become so busy with "life"...we don't make the time to creating! I've posted about this "issue" before.  I've taken part in online challenge to help keep me actively creating my own work, and I've created a couple challenges to inspire myself & others to create(check out my Twitter @ArtWithMrE for the Nov. Turkey A Day Challenge & Feb. A Heart A Day Challenge).  So far this school year I've had two opportunities arise that "forced" me to create...AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!  I'll share more about the opportunity through my alma mater in the next week...after I've attended the opening! 

The image you see here I just completed this week for our upcoming Art Teacher Art Show!  After many years of not having one....IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited to see all the work created by the amazingly talented art teachers of Nashville.   I went back to the style I was working in during grad school where I connect to my Appalachian roots of quilt making(my mom, aunts, grandma) & stained glass(church)....and combined it with my love of turtles.  I have loved turtles my whole life, but have never created a true work of art featuring one?!?!!?  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  The reds/pinks did not photograph well, but it gives you an idea!!  

I used a mix of my liquid watercolors and standard tube watercolors to 
lay down the base color for my painting.  

I then used black colored pencil to outline all of my pencil 
marks to give it that stained glass feel.

I used color pencils & gel pens to create the patterns in my turtle and water.  I did go back into some parts and deepen the colors to make it POP more.  


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