September 08, 2017

Collage Fish: Kindergarten

This week I'm introducing my kindergarten students to collage...which also means introducing scissors/scissor safety & glue usage.  Personally, I feel collage is more challenging than painting with kindergarten.  There are more elements & unknown variables.  Unlike years ago...students don't have the opportunity to cut & glue in their classrooms(and if they can bet it is glue sticks!).  Kindergarten teachers have so many more requirements that they don't have time for activity type learning which requires these things in their classroom.  There is also that fact that fewer children are having exposure to scissor & glue use at home. Sooooo....when we get these awesome little sponges...we are going to be doing a lot of introducing and correcting.  I think the main issue I've been seeing this week is scissor grip.  I've literally had students that had NO IDEA how to pick up, hold, and use scissors!  I know I shouldn't be amazed by this...but I kind of am!

I've only had a few students that just couldn't get it at all.  Most of them were able to do "something".  I view this as a time to introduce & build upon I'm looking at the long term & not just the immediate.  Some of the kids that are struggling now...will be master scissor users by January!!

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