November 17, 2014

Ya Think You're Funny..

I think I'm funny.  I've been told I'm funny.  My students laugh a lot!  something happened when I was trying to be funny, but I wasn't!!!
It got REAL up in here!!! 

So my 4th graders were doing an amazing job working on their narrative drawings!  I decided since they were doing so well...and were being so good...I'd set at the front of the room and refill my glue bottles(in horrible need of refilling & de-boogered).  Some of the kids were fixating on me pouring glue from the gallon bottle to the small bottles....which...I must say is an interesting process.  Well, the gallon bottle was empty and I decided I'd mess with the kids who were watching me instead of working.  So I hold the gallon bottle above my mouth acting like I was going to drink it.  However...there was one last blob of glue that decided to release as it was perfectly positioned over my mouth.  YEP...a big blob of glue fell to the back of my tongue with nothing to do but swallow it.  THE KIDS WENT CRAZY!!!!  "OH NO..MR. E IS GOING TO DIE...HE ATE GLUE!!!"  "WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE?"  "WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU?"  " DO WE NEED TO CALL A DOCTOR?"  

More art...less comedy!! :) hee hee


  1. That sounds like something I'd do, too!

  2. Ha! Well, what DID it taste like?! The consistency alone would make it hard for me not to hurl in front of my class:)

    1. It was not was glue all, but it tasted like soap!!! It coated the back of my tongue..and my throat...had to drink diet coke to try to get rid of it!!