November 10, 2014

Faculty Bonding

We have a new assistant principal this year....and at her old school many participated in the Mayor's 5K Challenge.  So she challenged us to join in! ( It is a free 5K to encourage activity, health, and involvement in our city!)  We had probably close to 20 adults (admin, teachers, assistants, and subs) from our school participate!!!  I designed the shirts(big surprise?!?).  

It was a run/walk...bring your babies...bring your pets kind of 5K.  SO MUCH FUN!
I recommend something like this for you and your faculty!! It was so nice to get together on a beautiful day...and just enjoy being together doing an activity!!!  No real school talk or anything.  It is something that bonds a group...and most schools need more of that!!

I did start!!

Ms. student teacher from the beginning of the year joined in too!  She took the PRAXIS at 8 in the morning....went to church...and then came and did the 5K!!! She's pretty awesome.  

I did finish!!!


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