November 02, 2014

Kindergarten Turtles: Patterns & Cutting Skills

In TN they removed patterns from the Kindergarten standards in their "regular" classroom.  REALLY??  They also do not have the time they use to to cut and past in their "regular" classroom.  This truth is being reflected in what I'm seeing in my room.  I'm having to work with students on how to hold their scissors, how to cut, how to make smooth lines....EVERYTHING.  That blows my mind, but I won't go off on that.  I am trying to introduce & reinforce things that I once took for granted that they would know.  Anyways?!?!  I'm really happy with their patterned shell turtles!  We used construction paper crayons on a dark green paper....and then cut and glued the turtles onto black paper.  The story we started with was Jubuti The Tortoise(I tried to find an African turtle story, but could not...Jubuti is from the Amazon.)

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  1. Seeing the same thing here! I have had to completely revamp my kinder and 1st plans to include more fine motor. I even had to, for the first time in twenty years, force my kids to tie beads onto their weavings to force them to learn how to tie knots. Crazy!!! We need to address is as a group.