November 04, 2014

TAEA TUESDAY: Learning A New Skill

TAEA TUESDAY-  This is a feature I'm adding to my blog to address questions/concerns/situations from my TAEA Elementary Division Peeps!  HOWEVER....EVERYONE CAN READ ON!  It is just good teaching info funness(not a word..I know).  

This is in regards to taking on Practicum & Student Teachers.  In TN we have a TON of universities.  There are many opportunities to mentor if you make the connections to do so.       


I think most of us can say that "ON THE JOB TRAINING" has taught us a great deal!  I know that even though my training at Bowling Green State University was AMAZING....there were still some holes in my knowledge base.  Come on...we teach in a HUGE field.  ART!  How can you know it all...EVER?!?!? :) ha ha  So my first year of teaching...I learned circle weaving.  It was in the curriculum...and had to be taught.  Lets just was a rough go!!!  However, over the years I've grown to love this project....and it is one of my favorite times of the year.  So I was talking to my practicum students from MTSU...they told me they had never done circle weaving before!  Well...I didn't want them to have to learn the way I during planning...I taught them a new skill!! If you take on practicum students or student teachers...try to find a media or project they may not know how to do & teach them!!!  Think back to your first year or two...and pull from the many things you didn't know how to do!


  1. Teach me how. This looks like a great project for me to teach my kinders. I think I need a video on how too, please.

    1. I have other posts about it...if you click on my will see more info. However, a video isn't a bad idea. I will see if I can't get my practicum students to video me doing it. :) THanks for the suggestion...and reading!

  2. Hi Mr E, this is great - cassie Stephens has a page on how to do this using plates and making trees, its really cool…