November 11, 2014

TAEA TUESDAY: TN History In The Art Room

How many of you have been asked to include TN History into your curriculum?  I'd say a few of you have (or those from others states have been asked the same thing about your state).  At first you might have a gut reaction of disdain & annoyance.  But wait....can we do some awesome projects off of this request?  You don't need to create a book of state symbols or coloring pages of state symbols!!!  The classroom teachers already to such projects.  We can reinforce our state history/facts using the skills we're already teaching the students!  State flowers make AMAZING watercolor/painting projects!  You can look at Van Gogh...and then bring in the state flower..BAM!!! GREAT LESSON!  State can talk about symmetry/asymmetry, design, symbolism...look at the state flag...and then have them create their own personal flag that represents them or their family...BAM!!!! GREAT LESSON!  I'm personally thinking about using our state reptile, the Box Turtle, and creating a zentangle inspired lesson for the shell!!!! BAM!!! GREAT LESSON! ha ha  

Don't get your undies in a bunch too quickly when administration or classroom teachers ask you such things.....think creatively how you can be a part of a global process of learning.  Being able to work with students prior knowledge is in everyone's best interest for success!  

Now...if they are asking you to do things that detract from your program...then you need to have that discussion with the person asking.  You can not forsake your students art education to teach another subject area's content.  Just see if it is possible before you say no though...we are part of a TEAM!!!  

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