March 28, 2014

Look Who I Ran Into At The Airport!!

You never know who you'll run into at the airport on the way to #naea14!?!? Haha it is the always stylish Cassie Stephens! Yes friends...blogger worlds collide! Not that much of a stretch... Cassie and I have known each other for years...and don't live too far apart. There was a whole slew of art teachers from middle TN on our flight!  Gotta love least we do, not so sure about all those around us! Hahaha!!  About an hour till we land.....more to come from San Diego!


  1. This is, without a double, the best photo EVER! Can't wait to meet Cassie tomorrow I hope!

  2. Is Cassie in pants!!!!? Hope you guys have a great time! Hi to Phyl, too!


  3. I thought she only wore dresses too!

    1. Pants?! What are those?? Naw, ladies, you know I'm always in a dress :) Geeee, thanks for posting this loveliness, Ted. Just remember...payback ;)

  4. So fun! I hope I can go next year! I really want to meet everyone!!