March 13, 2014


When did my sweet baby turn into this 5 year old beauty?!?!?!  
It happens so quickly friends...treasure them!!!!!  


  1. Haha....When I clicked on the small link to this post, I thought that your wife might be pregnant with multiples. We've had a rash of that going on at my school. One teacher is having triplets and another is expecting twins.

    1. ZACH?!?! Don't joke about such things!!! Hahahaha. No...just one bun in the oven,

  2. You'll be vetting courters before you turn around.Enjoy every minute.

  3. They certainly grow very fast. You are very right, each parent should treasure every moment spent with their children, because they grow up in no time. You already miss your baby now, imagine how will you feel when she will be 15 or 20...