March 17, 2014

?!?!Interesting Make Up Day?!?!

So far today I had 6 out of my kindergarten class...and 5 out from my first grade class!!!!  
WOW?!?!!  I figured that many people already had made their plans by the time our district decided this was a good idea?!?!?!   


  1. The district is meeting the letter of the law I guess!
    Though absent artists is a problem for me too in my after school program- a couple of my schools have had plays (mandatory rehearsals, the cast party) that conflict with my art classes. And we're working on paper mache which is not easy to quickly finish up as we start a new project. So how do you handle make-up work when you are ready to move on to a new project??

    1. It is no easy task. I look at my curriculum and prioritize what truly HAS to be done....and things I'd just like to get to. It has been a struggle this nine weeks...which just ended. There are a couple projects that will start of next nine weeks just to make sure I get them in.

  2. My school has been doing make-up days on Saturdays! We've had twelve snow days so far, but we knew attendance would be low if we cancelled spring break. Surprisingly, attendance has been great on Saturdays!