March 07, 2014

Art Show 2014: Part 1

This is the art show that almost wasn't!  However, it turned out to be one of my best in 13 yrs at Tulip Grove Elementary!!  Parents were greeted as they walked into the school with a sign in table(always important for Title 1, but also great for personal reflection later!!).  There were thank you cards created by K-4th students right about the sign in sheets....a favorite of regular attenders!! 

The next thing parents came upon was an activity table!!  They were encouraged to set down...students, parents, and all guests....and create a bug for the spiderweb!!!  I had so many parents tell me they had never used construction paper crayons before...THEY LOVED THEM!! ha ha  This ended up being a HIT this year...the table was always filled with people creating the whole evening!! 

Then they entered the show.  they walked through "Mosquito Netting" curtains.  Had to set the mood!!

Yes...I put little bugs in the netting for "extra" POW! ha ha  You know me..I'm a little over the top.

This is where the bugs made at the art show will go(can't wait to share with you the finished work..AMAZING).  

My color coded fly swatters allowed parents/guest to find the grade level easily.  They then just had to find the teachers name!!  

My kindergarten team have THE BEAR CAVE where they were teaching about hibernation...the bears don't come out for another I had to work it into my theme!  Spider's Cookie Cave ready to serve yummy cookies to the kiddos!!  Teachers donate a package (or two) to the art show....I always have more than enough!  

This year I decided to add a cause to my art show...Malaria No More.  It seemed like a perfect match for the art show's theme!!!  I'll let you know the results...and my thoughts on this in another post.  


  1. Look amazing, Mr. E! Very clever ideas :)

  2. You are a very special person. The hard work and joy you put into this art show really shines through. Your school is lucky to have you!

  3. I'm really digging the fly swatter idea! And the netting with bugs inside. SO clever!