March 10, 2014

Final thoughts on Going Buggy For Art

I tied in a "cause" with my art show this year.  I've never done this before.  Though we only raised $35, this is more than "NOTHING".  I hope if I do this again with another "cause" will continue to grow.  

I've tried to do an interactive area before...but it was never this successful!  I could not have been happier with how this part of the art show turned out...and would encourage all of you to add this to your show!!  I had parents, grandparents, friends, students, and teachers setting down together and creating bugs for the spider web.  They laughed..talked...shared their creations..IT WAS WONDERFUL!



I HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY ART SHOW!!! If you have any questions about doing one at your school...please feel free to e-mail me.  I've been doing this for 13 yrs at my school...and have worked out a lot of kinks over the years.  I'm always trying to make it better & try new things!!!  


  1. I really like the idea of an interactive area! I did an "informance" once, in which the students demonstrated art techniques they learned while doing the projects that were on display. I will contemplate an interactive idea for this year's art show. We do not have a theme, however. It is a district show where every elementary student has one piece and the secondary grades have one or more per student.

  2. Cool idea! I'm curious what your thoughts are on why it was more successful than other interactive areas that you've done in the past. Was it the theme, the type of activity, or something else? Thanks.