March 14, 2014

Clay Cottages

Channeling my inner Thomas Kinkade (GASP) fourth graders created clay cottage facades.  They love the projects, but the results can be real hit & miss.  By 4th grade...I have only a few handfuls of students that have been with me since Kindergarten(out of 100 students in 4th).  Some of them have never touched clay before.  That makes for an interesting class.    I thought this group did very well over all...other than them being small.  


  1. I do clay every year with my students and really push proper techniques with them (I have my own ceramic studio so it is my passion!). It is amazing to see the difference between my veteran students and the students who moved in this year when it comes to their clay skills. I know some teacher dread teaching clay and it shows when these students come in and can't make a pinch pot or roll or slab! Interesting project, hopefully you post pics after painting/glazing them?

    1. Hey Michele....I do mot glaze often. My kiln is in my room with no hood. The glaze smell is horrible....and lasts forever. I usually use acrylic.

  2. I do a very similar project with my 4th graders, but they do a facade of a California Mission. We use white clay to make the mission and paint some red slip for the tile and details. No need to glaze them.