March 08, 2014

Art Show 2014: Part 2

Here are the images of 3rd & 4th Grade displays.  I have classes of each...but a couple of my pictures just were terrible(lighting issues).  I'm include some close ups of some of the projects so you can get a better idea of what the lessons were about.  

NOTE:  In the following posts about the art will also see big bubble bees & ladybugs with flowers.  I decided to run my kindergarten art along the bottom of the entire show.  It really framed things nicely...and freed up wall space so I could display the other work more effectively.  I loved not feeling like the art was SQUISHED together this year!!!!  When you are hanging about 550 pieces in a limited can be challenging.  

4th Grade

3rd Grade

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  1. Love your theme! I may 'borrow' it for next year! Beautiful and bright!