May 07, 2013


You know that right? YOU MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not what you do, not the numbers you get on your evaluation, not how good your skills are in the classroom, not your artistic ability.........
Kids don't need the coolest...greatest...most fabulous...award winning...cutting edge teacher...they need you.  They need you to care. They need you to be present. They need you to be a consistent adult in their life.  

I believe in the power of our profession to change the future!!!!
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week...if you haven't heard it from those around you...please know that in Nashville,TN there is someone that thinks you are awesome & is thankful you are a co-laborer in THE greatest profession!!!  


  1. Thank you I really needed that. An art teacher from two catholic schools one in Franklin and the other in Oil City, PA. I LOVE your blog. I have used many of your lessons. Thanks again.

  2. Hey thanks,

    It's nice to know we can support each other even when it feels like no one else knows you are there!

  3. Thank you for your awesome blog but more importantly .... for your inspiring words. Some days are certainly better than others and today .... I NEEDED to read what you posted to place some perspective on things in my classroom :)

    Keep doing what you're doing ... cuz .... YOU MATTER TOO!!!

    .. from the Great White North (Moncton, New Brunswick, CANADA)

    1. Hey Jeff...truth is truth buddy!!!! :) I'm glad it found you where you were!!!!! I'm not sure if you read my bio...I did my student teaching in Montreal(part of international teaching experience). First & last time I've been to Canada. The boarder guards thought I was stealing Canadian jobs and wouldn't let me back across the boarder when I went to the US to take my PRAXIS test part way through my student teaching. They kicked me out of the country(I kid you not!)...and I had to wait till a senior officer was there to try to get back into the country to finish my student teaching experience. NIGHTMARE!!!!