May 24, 2013

Art Without Pants

So yesterday at the gym...I went to get ready for work.  When I opened my bag...I realized I had forgotten my pants.  It is a little too far to turn around and go I decided I'd just stop at Wal-Mart by my school.  So I texted my principal and said.... "Forgot my pants...stopping at Wal-Mart ..might be late!" To which I got the reply... "WHAT?!?!?!? WHO IS THIS?"  

Reminds me of a story from a year or so ago....

Mosquitoes love me.  I had over 30 bites on my legs, and was going crazy because my pants were rubbing them.  So I texted my principal....  "Can I wear shorts tomorrow? I have a ton of bug bites and pants make it unbearable!"   To which she writes back....  "WHY CAN'T YOU WEAR A SKIRT OR A DRESS?"  My response... "If you really want me to I guess I could....HIS IS TED!"  


  1. Hahaha! Great story for Friday :).

  2. Since I'm definitely not a 'morning person', the part of this story that amazes me most isn't simply that you have the time to go to the gym before work, but that you had the time to go to the gym AND Walmart and only be a little late! Oh my goodness! What time do you get up?!

    1. :) ha ha 5am I get up...get to the gym 5:30/6...leave gym by 6:50/7:00. Takes about 15 min. or so to get to my school from there. Wal-Mart is on the way. I try to be at work by 7:30..but we have till 7:45 before we're late. I am a morning person:)

  3. A great TGIF post! It reminds me of the KMart YouTube I shipped my pants.