May 06, 2013

Wonderful Weavings: 4th Grade

My 4th graders are doing a great job of weaving this year!  This class has struggled more than most, yet I still was able to pull out these 6 beautiful examples!  

I have my students come up with a "color story" for their weaving.  They are allowed to select 4 "regular" colors of yarn, and 1 "specialty" yarn to tell their story.  I purchase my specialty yarn at Big Lots....I know odd place!!?!?  However, they usually have an every changing selection of odd yarns that my students LOVE(and for only a dollar a skein!!!).  I also have a class set of hair picks to use as rakes.  I know that some of this info is repeat, but some new people to Art With Mr. E may not have seen past posts.  


  1. Beautiful, tight weavings as always. Love the hair pick trick.

  2. these are great! weaving is my achilles heel:( i personally find it frustrating. paper weaving is about as far as i go in the classroom, although one of our teachers is retiring and is gonna give me a big frame... we'll see:)