May 27, 2013

...Last Minute Weaver...

While everyone else was playing games or outside at recess on the last day of school....this awesome artist wanted to come into my room and finish his weaving!!  Love the dedication!!!!!!  So here he my room as I pack up for the proud of his finished piece. Will miss him & his can do attitude next year as he heads off to middle school!  

(picture used by parents permission!)


  1. Love it! Both his attitude and amazing weaving. You have "sparked" his love for art Mr. E. and he will carry that with him! It's an important thing for him to remember as he grows up and life happens. This weaving will always remind him that he is not only creative but a hard worker.

  2. He must be a true weaver then....b/c everything I did was finished in a long weaving time at the end. Love that you do wovens!!