May 21, 2013

The Winners Are....

 As part of the workshop, they had the students bring in a piece of art to be judged.  I'm not use to "judging" high school art at all...and I don't enjoy selecting only a few as the "winners".  Each piece had something special/interesting about it....but I had to pick the top three.  

1st Place
This young man does amazing pencil work!  He is going to an art school next year for graphic design.  I wish the picture was clearer...the eyes of the goldfish are olives!!!  He called it..Too Drunk To Fish! ha ha

2nd Place
I love the colors & shapes created in this work.  She uses watercolor, and then outlines the shapes with black and white gel pens!  She wants to do a series on fairies.

3rd Place
Ok...I'm all about the fun in art, and this piece brings it!!! Do you see the spork baby?!? HA!  LOVE IT!  

How fun are these kids?!?!?! They are turning out some very interesting work with strong points of view!!!!! 
If any of ya find my site...please know I LOVED spending the day with you all...and think you all are truly amazing artists!!!  

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