May 02, 2013

You Gotta Watch This!!!!

I've seen some of this on a couple other awesome blogs...but wanted to make sure
you all had a chance to see this for yourself! 

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  1. That is really exciting! I love seeing how art can make a difference in students; for me, I've noticed the biggest difference in students who lacked self-confidence until they received my "Artist of the Week" award, or were accepted into an art show.

    Anyway, I also wanted to tell you: I just started your line design project with my 5th graders this morning, and now I have a Promethean Board. (Last year, I didn't have the board when I taught this lesson). Doing a demonstration of the line design on my Promethean board was AMAZING! It worked so well; the kids were excited! I could draw on the board, big enough for everyone to see; I could make "mistakes" to teach them what not to do, and then erase the mistakes effortlessly. I don't know if you have a Promethean board, but I am really blessed to have one!

  2. Mr. E...You are wonderful, inspiring and amazing too. Thanks for sharing all of your great projects. Do you have any favorites for first graders? Julie