May 02, 2013

Franz Marc Inspired: 3rd Grade

 During our shortened testing schedule...I've had my 3rd graders working on their Franz Marc inspired paintings.  I limited them to 2 colors each time...and allowed them to share with their neighbors.  I'm not sure if I'll give them one last time to clean up areas of their paintings.  They are pretty fun..and the kids have been very proud of their work. 

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  1. Eric Carle has a (newer?) book about Franz Marc- He's one of my favorites, too!! The notes in the back are interesting- as a young boy in Germany, Carle's art teacher showed him some of Marc's work- at the time, it was forbidden and 'degenerate' work according to the Nazis! Carle says that experience affected and inspired him. Neat video on that too- the book is "The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse" and I'm working on a 'realistic or abstract animal' lesson with my 4th graders. Very cool!